EWC Academy - Academy for European Works Councils and SE Works Councils

11th Hamburg Conference for European and SE works councils

28 - 29 January 2019, Hamburg

As every year since 2009 this two-day seminar takes place at the Hotel Hafen Hamburg. On the agenda: current developments of the EWC landscape with practical examples and the situation in France after presidential elections.

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Seminar program:

Monday, 28 January, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
"EWC and SE work – current topics"


Prof Dr Reingard Zimmer, Berlin

Professor on labour legislation at Berlin School of Economics and Law

  • Meeting opening, chair and moderation
  Reingard Zimmer has supported the EWC Academy as a trainer and legal adviser since 2004. >>


Dr WernerAltmeyer, Hamburg

Managing director of the EWC Academy

  • Latest developments in the EWC and SE landscape and recent court rulings
  Werner Altmeyer works at the EWC Academy since 1997. >>


Fred van Oort, Utrecht

Deputy EWC chairman of Deutsche Bahn

  • Minimum standards for cross-border job relocation

  Since 2015, there is European agreement for the German railway operator on minimum standards for transnational relocation of jobs into the "Shared Service Center Accounting" in Bucharest. The agreement includes provisions for an internal pan-European job market, priority for continued employment in the home country, qualification programs, a hardship fund and early retirement possibilities. A parity-based arbitration committee is established for the settlement of any disputes arising from the agreement. The EWC won the German Works Council Award for this.


Christian Klinger, Karlsruhe

Member of the EWC select committee in the Italian insurance group Generali

  • European framework agreement on teleworking
  • Concrete effects: the example of one country in Western and of one country Eastern Europe
  In May 2017, the European works council and central management of Generali signed a joint declaration on teleworking. In the future, all European subsidiaries should intensify their efforts to promote innovative measures ("Smart Working"), to help create an agile organization and develop new skills. Relevant factors are the voluntary character, employment conditions, frequency, health and safety, data protection, right of access to the tele-workplace for works councils, equipment for the teleworker, training and career development, accident insurance coverage, collective rights of the teleworker. See www.ewc-news.com/en032017.htm#8.2


Adam Pokorny, Brussels

Head of Working Conditions Unit, Directorate-General Employment, Social Affairs and Integration of the European Commission

  • Results of the most recent EWC study and proposals for tougher sanctions
  In May 2018 the European Commission published a report on the implementation of the 2009 recast EWC Directive. The European Commission identifies as a central problem, the fact that there is neither a (minimum) list of information which must be communicated to EWC members, nor any timing defined for the processing of an information and consultation procedure. Also the meaning of the EWC's opinion is imprecise and its influence on management decisions too weak. The interpretation of the term "transnational matters" frequently poses problems in practice. Although there should be no change to the directive, but the EU member states should introduce "effective, proportionate and dissuasive sanctions in the case of infringements against the Directive's regulations." See www.ewc-news.com/en022018.htm#1
Tuesday, 29 January, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Short seminar "Is it worth for the EWC to go to court?"


Dr Werner Altmeyer

  • Introduction: Overview of EWC court decisions in recent years


Dieter Hügle, Teningen (Germany)

EWC chairman in the Australian packaging group Amcor

  • Experiences before German employment tribunals, reaction of the central management and the new consultation practice after settlement of all legal disputes

There were five lawsuits before German employment tribunals with Amcor. When one case were on its way to the German Federal Labour Court, central management offered an out-of-court-settlement. See www.ewc-news.com/en022016.htm#1


Seminar flyer

Conference fee: € 1,195 plus VAT. The fee includes participation to and catering during the conference, our dinner event in the restaurant as well as simultaneous
interpretation (German – English, further languages on request).

Conference venue: Harbour Hotel Hamburg € 132 per night including breakfast and VAT

The waterfront Harbour Hotel Hamburg directly overlooks the St. Pauli Piers and will impress us during the seminar with its stunning views over the port and the river Elbe. The rooms reserved for us are located in the hotel's new building in the "Cabin Residence" and offer a modern design with functional comfort.

Side event on monday evening: Dinner in the lightship
On Monday we will have dinner in "das Feuerschiff" on the Hamburg harbour jetties. This bright red, British traditional ship was built in 1952 and allows a direct view of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall. Before we descend into the engine room to celebrate extensively at the bar, there is a delicious buffet on the covered foredeck.




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